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Drafting Book Design is a small company that has grown since its inception in early 2014.

Drafting Book’s [Drafting] vision is to take the goals and specification fo our clients and put thoughts to paper as we take the dreams of inventions and the blueprints to a hous and help transition them from mere mental contructs to tangiable reality. Drafting Book Design’s drafting services are top notch. We deliver quality, commitiment, and concise communications to each of our clients.

Drafting Book’s [Publishing] vision has always been firmly set in delivering the worlds of fact and fiction to the page turners, both young and old. We are working diligently to bring a mad man’s dreams to a real functional operation. Each book you buy brings us one step closer to connecting a world of young minds, regardless of age. From math to myth, Drafting Book strives to deliver its material in such a way, that the reader, while reading, has a stirring deep within their hearts and intellects, were basically just trying to turn the lights on.

Please, take a moment to read up on our company leadership and what they are working on now.


William T. Salisbury

CEO & CyberSecurity Analysist: Started 2014

Currently Working on: “Kids RULE”  and  “Colton McDowell & the Creaker King”

Short Bio: Will fill in when not crazy busy..


Keira N. Salisbury

Writer: Started 2014

Currently working on: “Colton McDowell & the Creaker King”

Short Bio:  Will fill in when not crazy busy..

Krystal Christy

Krystal J. Christy

Writer: Started 2015

Currently working on: “Kids RULE” and “Adele’s Adventure”

Short Bio:  Will fill in when not crazy busy..

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