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Good Day!

My name is William Salisbury and I would love to welcome to one of the world’s best-kept secrets. You have found the website of Drafting Book Design (DBD). At Drafting Book we breakdown into four departments.

We offer:

♣ CAD Drafting and Design training.

♣ Digital and Hard copy publishing consultation.

♣ We sponsor several charities found near our headquarters in Slidell, LA. 

○ We support 5 amazing FaceBook Pages focused on key issues and quality entertainment content. 

♦ News Wheel

♦ Laughter Wheel

♦ Poetry Wheel

♦ Art Wheel

♦ Grind Wheel

Our legendary co-writers, illustrators, editors, drafters, social media engineers, work tirelessly to produce quality results for our client’s and our fans.
“No need to fear, no need to fret, our books are rare and a pure reset. Backward thinking, adjusted for a forward culture, looped into the double standards that we set for those who can’t set it for themselves.”

Please feel free to crawl around our site. If you have any questions you can email us or use the feedback tool to send us your thoughts.

Contact us if you want to catch some good vibes.

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